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Name:Gossip Girl
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Community description:Community for Gossip Girl fans

you know you love me.
gossip girl.

Hello, dear visitor, and welcome to this community dedicated to the CW's TV show Gossip Girl. If you want to discuss your favourite episodes, share ideas and fanworks or just connect with other GG fans, then this is the place for you! Feel free to join, subscribe, post (even a small introduction if you're new is welcome, but not necessary) & comment, but please read the rules first and follow them. That said, have a nice stay!

1. No wank of any type will be tolerated. Shipping wars, fights & general rudeness towards other members is absolutely forbidden in this community. If you want to start shipping wars & fights, go somewhere else. If you start them here, you will be banned. Discussions are great, they bring fans together and even those who disagree will just have to "agree to disagree". But if I see people bashing other people's favourite pairings or characters for no reason, those people will be warned and, if they keep on doing it, they will be banned eventually. There is a difference between criticising the writing or the characters of an episode of GG and just merely insulting characters/couples to cause a war. You have been warned.

2. You are free to post literally anything (icons, graphics, fanarts, fanfictions, fanmixes, videos, etc.), as long as it's Gossip Girl related. If you're not sure if what you want to post is allowed, feel free to contact the admin.

3. Tags are your friends. Every time you make a post, please make sure you use the correct tags. It really helps other people find what they're looking for. If the tag that you need does not exist, please contact the admin and she will create one.

4. Cuts are also your friends. Images larger than 600x600 pixels should be put under a cut. If you're posting a bunch of icons, please put them under a cut (you can show a preview of the icons and fake-cut to your iconjournal if you wish). Fanfictions should also go under a cut (or a fake-cut to your journal). Content not suitable for an underage audience should also go behind a cut. (Not that I think there will be lots of underage members of the community, but anything NSFW should go under a cut regardless.)

5. Put warnings on your posts if they contain content NSFW, or triggery stuff. (By "triggery" I mean rape, death, curse language, abuse, etc.) That is, if they need warnings, of course. If what you're posting is all fluff and sugar, then you won't need to.

6. Spoilers should also be clearly marked. Please keep in mind that not everyone that joins the community has watched the latest episode of GG (although most people probably have). Regardless of what episode has aired and when, spoilers should be clearly marked on anything you post that might be spoilerish. (If you're posting icons on the latest episode of GG, you may want to put which episode they're from, so people don't get spoiled while looking for icons. If you wrote a fanfic after a particular event or episode in the series, you should tell your readers, so they don't get accidentally spoiled. You know, that kind of thing.)

7. Episode discussions will be posted by the admin before the episode airs. Other members will then be able to write their comments about it. If you want to discuss an older episode, please contact the admin first. She might be planning on starting a GG marathon soon and your episode will be discussed then.

8. If you've got a suggestion for the community or would like to volunteer in case I should need help, go to this post right here. If you have a GG community yourself, you can also request affiliation here.

This is not a rule, but there's one thing that I want to make absolutely clear: here, nobody will judge you if you like certain characters or ship certain pairings. If you ship canon pairings and want to fangirl about Chuck/Blair, go right ahead, I'm sure lots of people will join you. You ship Dan/Blair? You're more than welcome to join. You ship slash/femslash? Jump right on board. You ship crack pairings? Hop right in, if anything, we need more of those! Anyone is welcome, regardless of pairings and characters preferences. :)

And that's it! For any questions, feel free to contact the admin ([personal profile] chibichan). Have fun, GG fans! :D

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